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You are installing something that’s going to take hours? The trouble you might come across is your screen shutting itself off midway. This is then followed by your computer going off to sleep on its own or because you’ve said it to behave so through your computer settings.

But, it is often hectic and frustrating to wake up to or see after the time has passed. If you’re searching for effective solutions to this problem or other problems you face, you’ve come to the right place. Tự động clickers are the one-stop solution to all your clicking problems!

Download Tự động bàn phím presser crack

Top 4 Automatic Clicking Softwares

These are top tools which are popular for the tự động clicking for gaming.

In case you’ve been in dire need of an tự động clicker for Mac or Windows, you must have come across miễn phí Tự động Clicker once or twice.

This is one of the best free auto-clicker for máy tính – and its features make it way better and different than most of the entry-level auto-clicking PM.

The best thing about this auto-clicker is not only the fact that it is free of cost, but that it can be easily configured and customized for the kind of mouse clicking that you need for efficient, easy and fast gaming or other purposes.


  • Ease and Efficiency – When you want an auto-clicking PM for your gaming, work or whatever it is that you do at your computer, you do not just need fast and easy auto-clicking, but you also want it to be accurate and efficient. This auto-clicking PM not only effectively and precisely create accurate left and right clicks, but it does so with 100% accuracy. It will automatically generate the kind of clicks that you’d record for its learning – even while you’re not on your computer.
  • Universal Use – I know – I’ve used the word ‘gaming’ or ‘games’ so frequently so far and this might have you thinking that this tool is mainly to help gamers or it would be effective only on a particular program. The matter of fact is that it works equally good – irrespective of whether it’s a game, a PM, an app or anything on your computer.
  • Precision and Freedom – You can customize this tool the way you want and get maximum possible results. You can customize it to the point of precision that you want. For example, it can show the X and Y coordinates of the clicking point, it allows you to record as many click points as you want and you can tweak the time interval as well.
  • miễn phí Tool – This is free of cost tool that not only saves your money that you’d otherwise spend on an auto-clicker as good as this one, but it also increases the lifetime of your mouse.

Fast Mouse Clicker Pro is an open-source and free of cost auto-clicking tool, just like any other free tự động clicker for Android or máy tính.

The purpose of the tool is to a) save you from the constant clicking and the pain/irritation arising out of it, and b) increase the life-span of your mouse, because you do not have to use that as much as you otherwise do.


  • Speed – Need for Speed … this is the name of the game when it comes to auto-clicking tools and PM. This one is no exception. It creates 1-1000 mouse events which amount to as much as 100,000 mouse clicks per second. We know that you do not need this pace – but that’s the speed you enjoy with this tool.
  • All-Inclusive – You might not feel like aha if I told you that this mouse-clicking tool is more inclusive than many standard auto-clickers for Chromebook or Android/iOS tablets. It does not only include right and left clicks, but the middle button is also included.
  • Trigger Key – Enjoy the freedom of selecting any trigger key either from the mouse or the bàn phím. You can choose the arbitrary bàn phím key to trigger auto-clicking or choose a mouse button for the job.

I won’t say that GS Tự động Clicker is the best auto-clicker. However, the matter of fact is that it is one of the top auto-clicking PM – one that got praised by Editors on Cnet and they declared it a 4 star kind of good product.

I would second that opinion because I’ve tried many auto-clicking/tapping tools and apps. My tự động clicker for iOS still needs the kind of features that I noticed while using this tool.


  • Hotkey – Just like another top of the line tự động clicking PM, this one also allows you to pick the hotkey. The hotkey can be pressed/clicked to initiate the clicking process.
  • Recording – As you might have noticed in case of top tự động clicking PM, they let you record the clicks while performing a different kind of functions on the screen – this one also does the same. Record the click sequences once and for all – and then your tool will take care of the clicking.
  • Customization – This tool does not have just as many customization options as you might enjoy in case of other such tools like miễn phí Tự động Clicker, but it surely lets you do a fair amount of customization. You can select a trigger button, you can select whether clicks would be singles ones or double ones and you can set for the time it will do auto-clicking. Just like in case of other tools, you can interval – and customize it based on hours, minutes or seconds: even milliseconds.
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Perfect tự động hóa is not just another tự động clicking tool – it is a swiss-knife of process automation – as the name suggests.

The tool is made around many features and not just one feature: auto-clicking. There are many other types of computer control automation are included.

Do they make this tool something like a jack of all trades and you’d skip the idea of using it (coz you only need an auto-clicker) or you can make use of all features: especially auto-clicking?


  • Bàn phím & Mouse Recording – The feature that you should be concerned with the least is auto-clicking/recording. You can record your bàn phím and mouse-related behaviours while you use the computer and see how this program flawlessly follows.
  • Script Editor – If you want a script editor kind of tool that can automate any task, create executable files, can follow hundreds of visual commands and allows you to add your own commands, this tool is made for you.
  • Scheduler – What if you use your computer for work or studies and you have to schedule a lot of things on your computer? You have a danh sách of programs that you use every day and you want a tool to start those programs at predefined times? This one can do the job.

How about a fun and free ‘mouse clicker’ that does no other fancy job, but only allows you to customize it the way you want it to auto-click different programs on your computer?

In case you love the idea of a small (neither big nor demanding) tool that minds its own business and does nothing else, but automatically click the way you want it to, then miễn phí Mouse Clicker is the tool for you.

Use 500 milliseconds setting to see the fastest this tool can click for you.


  • Simplicity – It is a very simple tool. It is not like the Perfect tự động hóa tool that I’ve reviewed above and it is not even like those auto-clicking PM that comes with extra features that you do not actually use. With the space and size of a feather, it will not slow down your computer.
  • Customization – This is one of the best auto-clicking tools in case you love the customization of how your tool must execute the clicking. You can customize the button that will be clicked – the choice is not limited to right or left only. You can also set whether you want single clicks or double clicks (and where?).
  • Perfection – Not only this mouse clicker executes with perfection, but a red target on the screen shows you where it is auto-clicking – super useful for games like Minecraft. Another perfect thing is that you can trigger it with bàn phím hotkey as well as the mouse.

This is another very simple and targeted tool only for those who want a free auto-clicking tool for their computers. The tool does no other fancy jobs as you might have noticed in case of a few tools on this danh sách, but it does THE job.

Not only it can record all the clicks, but it goes one step further and also records all the typing/other actions that you do while using your computer and it can mimic them.


  • A Record Button – The record button on the top-left side of the tool is made to record your mouse clicks and other actions. You can go ahead and ask the tool to record the cursor movements as well. Click the play button and click stop where you want it to stop.
  • Loop – The beauty of this program is that it allows auto-clicking and other functions in the form of a loop as well. In case you want some actions to occur in a loop, test loop box and enter a value for it.
  • Customization – Once you’re done with the script you can customize the way how your tool should execute the whole thing. You can choose the delay time in milliseconds, set hotkey button, right and left click options – single or double etc.
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This another auto-clicking tool with nothing special to offer – no gimmicks other than auto-clicking the **** out of whatever you want it to do.

The tool is customizable, easy to use and since it is free to use you do not have to pay anything to download it. Unlike a few freeware linked with auto-clicking, there have been no complaints about this one – your system’s performance will not be affected.


  • Next Level Customization – In case you want to go for maximum customization, this is the tool made for you. Take clicks for example. Not only it lets you choose/customize left/right-click, but you can apply the tool to other buttons on the mouse such as middle button, hold-left button, hold-right button and hold-middle button etc.
  • Interval – Just like another top of the danh sách tự động clickers, this one also lets you set the interval and set it in more than a few time settings. Set delay/interval in seconds, minutes or milliseconds. You can even choose the total number of clicks that your tool should automate.
  • Hotkey – Although, it has never been a matter of concern to me, there are people who fret over whether they can choose which hotkey will initialize the process or not. With this tool, you can now configure this key. Choose any key from a từ khóa, enter its ID e.g. F11 and your program will start auto-clicking the moment you press that hotkey.



    1: GS Tự động Clicker

GS Automatic Clicker is a very useful PM tool that provides its user with the ease of automatically clicking the mouse instead of requiring them to use their hand and click manually. For gamers and specific workers who have their entire job done through computer clicks, this tool comes in handy as it frees them of the constant clicking on the mouse buttons that is not only annoying but also makes the mouse get older and require consistent maintenance over and over again. As soon as you press the specific Hotkey, the GS clicker starts its functioning, thus, helping the users in getting rid of the consistent clicking quicker as compared to when they do it manually. Using this specific tự động clicker, one can even record a particular sequence of clicks that they have to do repeatedly and then get rid of it all at once. You can also fix the double or single clicks as per your needs and the rest of the task will be done by the tự động clicker itself.

miễn phí Download GS



    2: OP AutoClicker

OP tự động click is a complete package of auto-clicker in itself and way better than other ordinary tự động clickers you will find. The OP tự động clicker comes with two different modes that allow you to tự động click in a dynamic variety of ways. These two modes either tự động click on the exact point where you have placed the cursor on-screen or at any pre-described location you have already fed into the tool’s memory. The users can either fix the number of maximum clicks that are required to be made or can leave them to be infinite in number. Like other tự động clickers, the Hotkeys also work in the background for this auto-clicker too. You can also choose either the left or the right mouse button to be clicked and can also fix either the single, double, or triple clicks to be automatically made.

Download OP Mouse Clicker



    3: MurGee Automatic Clicker

MurGee tự động clicking PM is one of the most trusted names in the world of automation tools and other digital services and the MurGee Tự động clicker carries on with their legacy too. It is one of the most trusted tự động clickers but is not always compatible with all devices whatsoever. Moreover, the MurGee tự động clicker is mainly meant for the left mouse button and allows for its automatic functionality once fixed and given the commands, thus enabling the users’ fingers to rest for the longer tasks requiring clicking. There is just one main window for this tự động clicker’s operation and it is formed where all the tasks of the MurGee clicker are controlled. This tự động clicker also allows you to fix a time interval between consecutive clicks of the mouse, thereby making your task even more easy and efficient. You can also fix a specific bàn phím key to start and stop the auto-clicking process whenever required. This tự động clicker also making functioning easier by showing the number of automated clicks and other relevant information visible, all at the same place.

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miễn phí Download Murgee Tự động Mouse Clicker



    4: Roblox tự động hóa

Roblox is an array of a variety of tự động clickers that are meant to specifically make the users’ gaming easier and better over time. The Roblox clicker allows the users to play almost any 3D game online without getting their fingers tired with constant clicking on the mouse as it enables them to automate all the clicking related functions. This tự động clicker is available even for android and iOS systems too and makes gaming and clicking easier and better. Using this clicker, you will stay online and in the game even when you are away from the computer screen for a while and this is the best part about downloading this specific tự động clicker.

Download Roblox AutoClicker

What are Tự động Clickers?

Tự động clicker is a PM or macro that can be used to automate clicking. Usually, they’re used by gamers where clicks per second (CPS) can be advantageous but might unbalance the game’s situation.

They’re quite normal to use with a simple interface and act as though a physical mouse button is registered, making it act just as if a user pressed the key normally. So, if you were to go off while your system is on, and you want it to remain that way, you could automate a click every few minutes, so it doesn’t shut off.

Customized tự động clickers or more advanced ones make use of more advanced algorithms which are more specific and operate on a single program only. Such PM can be used to automate a wide variety of tasks with the inclusion of bàn phím shortcuts as well.

Most tự động clickers are part of PM automation suites which can cater to a series of automation tasks like pressing keys, performing tasks, or maybe to check something to register a specified number of clicks. The opportunities for such PM are endless.

This PM can also be used along with another PM running in parallel. Like, with an open browser which allows you to use this tự động click PM inside an online game to produce better results.

Options in an Tự động Clicker:

An tự động clicker has several different options left open for customization. They can be anything from hotkeys to shortcuts, from the number of clicks to the position of the clicks.

Here’s a danh sách of some of the most common functionalities an tự động clicker would provide:

  • Type of click: This includes the button that you want the PM to press without your supervision. This can be the left mouse button, the middle mouse button, the right mouse button, or a combination of any one of these. Some tự động clickers also allow you to hold the buttons be it left, middle, or right for an indefinite period.
  • The number of clicks: This includes the number of clicks that the PM is going to register in a single second. Although it can range from a couple of hundreds to tens of thousands, you can keep the number according to your liking. The limit is often left up to you with standard choices given as well.
  • Tự động Click time delay: This is the time that the PM is going to wait before registering another click with the system.
  • Hotkeys: Most tự động click PM include a hotkey system which allows the PM to start its operations. This can be used to start the tự động clicks or close them; depending on the case.

Controversial Uses:

Sure, using an tự động clicker sounds like an opportunity most gamers would call “heaven come true”. However, such PM suites are mostly used to exploit the game and explore advantages illegitimately. It is mostly used for incremental games where clicking allows you to pass a stage and move forward.

Most games usually ban players who make use of such PM because it doesn’t provide an equal opportunity to legit players. Most games also patch their games against such PM to detect such usage and prevent users from exploiting the game.

Click frauds are yet another disadvantage of tự động clickers. Services which utilize the pay per click ad system are usually the victim of this PM. Advertising budgets are impacted by these clicks, which might sound disastrous for companies.


Although using the PM brings up the question of ethics in a few cases, it is still a useful PM for many. In professional industries where clicks are everything, this PM can be a blessing in disguise.

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