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There is no doubt that live Ǫvàamp;A sessions are one of the content formats that most generate engagement amongst Digital Tiếp thị strategies. 

That format allows you to be in contact with your audience and create more interaction.

Ǫvàamp;A has the advantage of being a real-time sự kiện, as well as webinars and live blogging, which generates greater interest from the target audience. 

It is a great opportunity to explore a specific topic, answering questions about a company or its market segment.

Right platforms and a good structure are essential to ensure an attractive session. 

Before going live, it is essential to test if your đội nhóm can provide all the necessary settings for a great session.

In this bài viết, we will present details on the following topics:

Read on to find out!


What is a live Ǫvàamp;A?

Live Ǫvàamp;A are real-time online sessions where attendees can ask questions answered by those who hosting the sự kiện. 

This format can be used by companies, or by people, as digital influencers.

This strategy aims to kết nối audiences with those who generate the content to educate and, mainly, create interactions. One of the main goals of this format is, no doubt, the engagement.

When brands go live, there is a specific interest in the content. This is because the audience understands that the real-time format can bring specifics information and insights. 

Also, live interaction brings a feeling of closeness.

Companies and content creators can do a FAQ on pages of their websites or blogs, but this certainly generates less engagement. Live Ǫvàamp;A sessions allow answers to be given in a dynamic way, which can be much more attractive.


If you are asking “should I go live?” the answer is simple: just do it if you feel it is necessary for your audience.

The main point is that you can talk about several topics, as long as the public is interested and your đội nhóm is prepared to respond. 

From that, it is essential to know that various topics can be defined in advance and discussed.

Participants may be interested in wanting to know more about such subjects:

  • general information about the company;
  • how to buy online from your trang web;
  • specific product or service;
  • how the manufacturing of a product works.

When you define the main topic, or those to be addressed, you take away the risk of losing control of the session. 

Without these definitions, participants may, at some point, decide to ask questions that hosts will not be able to answer.


What are the benefits of that content strategy?

A live Ǫvàamp;A session can kết nối companies with their audience in a more intimate way and generate a dynamic interaction. 

With planning, it is possible to take advantage of valuable benefits in your content strategy.

Test how that content can be useful and what gains it can provide when running properly!

Reach engagement

Engagement is one of the main assets of Digital Tiếp thị. Without it, your company will have an online presence full of empty numbers. No matter how many followers and views your company has on its mxh media if there is no closeness to the public.

When a real-time session starts, people can be part of that moment and put their doubts in the spotlight. The answers validate this possibility of interaction, solving doubts, and generating value for the brand.

Generate interactions

Interactions are also valuable when compared to engagement. They are the beginning of a loyalty relationship between brands and their audiences, but they are also a way to develop this proximity.

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Nowadays, customers want much more than just to consume. They are looking for exclusivity and want to be part of the brands they follow and consume. These interactions are essential for this close relationship.

Live Ǫvàamp;A sessions can generate interaction that strengthens brands and educates consumers on various subjects.

Grow your online business presence

Being online is essential to survive in the current market. There is no business sector in which website presence is not relevant, so it is necessary to explore channels and their strategies.

Live streaming is a really solid option for website users. The estimate for this format was 82% of overall mạng internet lượt truy cập by 2020, which may increase after the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is easy to see how live Ǫvàamp;A sessions are a great opportunity to grow this online presence by generating engagement and still educating your audience. 


How to run a successful Ǫvàamp;A session?

As important as host the live Ǫvàamp;A is to make sure this session will be successful. 

For that, there are essential points that need to be secured, from the technical part to the content organization. 

The planning will make all the difference for good results!

If you have never been live or are looking for tips on how to do a good job, test out the main points to run a successful Ǫvàamp;A session!

Get the proper infrastructure

You will need some essential equipment and adequate infrastructure to perform the live Ǫvàamp;A. 

Remember: the more qualified it is, the higher the chances of the session working well

Some of the main equipment is:

  • good mạng internet connection;
  • a powerful computer;
  • a good camera (the ones integrated with computers are not always good);
  • microphones;
  • a streaming platform to run the session;
  • a channel to receive questions (chats, a mxh media bình luận section, or an app);
  • an environment where all hosts can be accommodated;
  • a comfortable infrastructure for hosts.

Kế hoạch the topics

Defining subjects in advance is fundamental. As we say, this prevents the live goes off-topic, creating a mess, and making interaction difficult. 

The best thing is that the hosts dominate this topic. Thus, the đội nhóm should be appropriately selected.

The planning of subjects should also make sense to the company. For example, if you want to know the customer’s preferences, you can develop a Ǫvàamp;A with this purpose.

Another good opportunity to go live is to promote a new product or service. 

This way, with a prepared đội nhóm, customers can clear up their doubts, qualify, and advance in the Digital Tiếp thị funnel.

Develop a danh sách of potential questions

With the topic decided, it’s time to think about what questions will be asked. To do this, make a danh sách of possible doubts and curiosities of the audience

This way, Ǫvàamp;A hosts eliminate the risk of being taken by surprise by not knowing any answer.

From this, it is enough to study the right answers generating knowledge and satisfying the attendees.

Properly promote Ǫvàamp;A

A successful live Ǫvàamp;A is one where there are a good number of interacting participants. Thus, it is necessary to carry out a broad and intense promotion, focusing on the company’s channels.

You can send emails to your customer mailing danh sách and promote the sự kiện on the company’s mxh media channels

Ideally, this work should be done in advance to generate expectations and allow the subscription of those interested in the session.

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Remember to inform things such as time, day, and channel in which the Ǫvàamp;A will take place, and the live subject. 

Choose the streaming platform

Finally, choose on which platform the streaming will take place. It is important to consider some essential points, such as:

  • channels that are available to the majority of the public;
  • channels where your audience is;
  • channels that offer the best technical infrastructure;
  • channels that allow chats, since they can be used to send questions.

After considering all these points, testing is essential. Remember to run those tests privately, just to test if everything works well.


What platforms can be used to run a Ǫvàamp;A session?

The ideal platform is essential for live Ǫvàamp;A to run correctly. There are some options available that can bring good results. 

Test out the main ones below!

The official Facebook platform is one of the most popular and, of course, stream the live Ǫvàamp;A directly from your Facebook business page. 

It is one of the easiest to use and has a bình luận session where you can get the questions.

Youtube is another popular tool for those who use videos in their Content Tiếp thị strategy. 

YouTube also has a simple tool, and the advantage of being an interface that your audience is certainly used to.

There is also a bình luận session, which makes it easier to send questions in real-time.

youtube live

Widely used by gamers, Twitch is the streamers’ paradise. The platform has many interesting features that help to make streams in various formats. You also have the bình luận session.


Live is the perfect tool to go live in a Ǫvàamp;A session. Besides the easy use, it is possible to test the metrics related to the streaming and test essential information.

The Live tool also allows some actions, such as:

  • reproduce mxh networking pages;
  • create quizzes and polls;
  • create storytelling content for pre and bài viết live Ǫvàamp;A.


There are several possibilities in content strategies, but we need to think increasingly in interaction. 

Therefore, a live Ǫvàamp;A is one of the best formats to achieve all these results and also increase the online presence of brands.

The webinar is another great format to go live. It is educational and helps the target audience to reach their goals. If your company intends to invest in it, test the checklist we prepared for a perfect session!

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